We've heard from many of you how much you have enjoyed seeing some of the great things happening on our campuses and beyond, so we've decided to continue sending Mainsprings Bright Spots to bring you a little joy, hope and happiness and remind you of the countless ways your partnership in this mission is making a difference. 


This month we're excited to give you an up close look at Kahunda, our second campus.  Several years ago, it became clear that Mainsprings had the ability to make a difference beyond just one campus in Kitongo, and that there were many areas in Tanzania in need of a catalyst like our model in their community.  We also felt that we had an opportunity to show that this model can be replicated and serve as an antidote to the cyclical poverty facing much of rural Africa.  

Today, we'd like to show you all the progress that has been made at Kahunda and how the Mainsprings model is transforming the community there.  Watch it now

Now that you've seen how we developed a campus, how about hearing the sounds of a campus?  These are some Swahili songs sung by our girls at evening prayer time.  You've helped to create places that serve as safe, welcoming homes where creativity and love flourish, where songs of joy and hope rise every evening.  Listen to them here!

Thank you!! 

Because of your generosity in April, you've helped us raise over $183,000! 
$170,000 of these donations will be matched by the Mainsprings board. Your gifts have made such a difference this Spring, especially because we were unable to host 3 of our annual fundraisers. 
We are so grateful for your commitment and your gifts!  Thank you!

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