Many things have been different on campus in the last few months, but we've also worked to keep things the same.  Each and every day we've worked to make our campuses a place where a kid can be a kid.  Next week, we'll celebrate Children of Africa Day; a day when we celebrate the birthdays of all the residential girls.  In honor of their wonderful spirits, we've put together this video celebrating them and the childhood they are able to have because of you.  

Though our celebrations may look a little different this year, they'll still be full of cake, games and a whole lot of fun.  They'll be an important reminder that each one of these young women is special and able to do great things in their communities and the world.  You make days like this--and every other day that they're able to live healthy, happy lives--possible.  

If you'd like to make a donation in honor of the girls' birthdays, check out our brand new donation platform here

Perhaps you'd like to celebrate your birthday with Mainsprings.  We'd love to work with you to allow friends and family to donate to Mainsprings in honor of your special day.  Check out our new birthday donation pages that we'd be glad to help you set up!  

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